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Cory Booker Claims Catholic Schools Use Religion To ‘Justify’ Discrimination

‘This is something that I have been dealing all my life as a Christian’
By Grabien Staff


BOOKER: "It's a great question and thank you very much. Look, this is something that I've been dealing with all my life as a Christian. People who want to use religion as a justification for discrimination and often are creating environments, they're so contrary to my religious beliefs — what do you want from your lord? What is it what you want from your people, which is to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly, walk humbly. And so, for me, I cannot allow as a leader that people are going to use religion as a justification for discrimination. I can respect your religious freedoms but also protect people from discrimination. And as I said in an earlier answer, I grew up in a household where my parents talked to me about how people used to use religion to justify the discrimination against African Americans."


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