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Cory Gardner: ‘In Many Ways the Democratic Party Has Become the Party of Trump’

‘All they want to do is investigate and impeach, they want to continue this’
By Grabien Staff


GARDNER: "Well, in many ways, the Democratic Party has become the party of Trump, because all they want to do is investigate, all they want to do is impeach, they want to continue this. Look, justice will be served, the rule of law will be followed, but the American people are tired of what they have just been through. We should turn to those things the American people are desperately looking for, and that's solutions on high health care costs, that's solutions to allow them to earn more wages, we have record wage growth in this country, we have record numbers of people that work. Those of the areas of focus that people expect us to turn to. Instead, the Democratic Party wants to turn to continued impeachment and continued investigations and to try to continue to stymie the economic work that we have been able to do."

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