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Coulter: If Dems Were Smart They’d Get Rid of Al Franken

‘In Minnesota he would be replaced by a much more woke Democrat — maybe Keith Ellison’
By Grabien Staff


CARLSON "The left is at war with itself tonight over the fate of senator Al Franken one day after radio host Leann Tweeden accused him of ciszing her and taking a lewd picture as you can see on the screen without her consent. He ought to resign and two top Democrats. A The Washington Post says Franken ought to stay. Resignation would be a gross overreaction to the offense. Ann Coulter has been around for a long time watching this kind of stuff on the American left and she joins us tonight. Ann, it’s great to see you." 
COULTER: "Great to be here, tucker." 
CARLSON "I assume you know Al Franken because he is always around and selling books. You are, too. What’s your informed opinion on this story? 
COULTER: "Well, technically, he is always selling books by putting me on the cover of his books. 
CARLSON "Right. 
COULTER: "My informed opinion is for one thing the Democrats do not care what Republicans have to say about it, so I may as well tell you the truth of what they ought to do. I don’t think any Democrats are watching Fox News but if they were smart, they would get rid of him. I mean in Minnesota he would be replaced by a much more woke Democrat. Maybe Keith Ellison. Most likely more likely a feminist. You have an actual photo here. I mean, can you imagine if that were a member of the duke lacrosse team? I mean, lacrosse across the country would have to be shut down. And I mean, you know, with the Roy Moore thing going on, which, by the way, footnote on that, that’s getting to be like a mystery novel the way the facts go back and forth. You think wow, that accuser looks pretty strong oh except her stepson calls her a liar and judge Moore was the judge on her divorce case. It just keeps going back and forth. There really is nothing resembling actual evidence in that case. In the case of Al Franken they have an admission and I think a pretty ugly photo combined with the accuser’s point of view. You saw her interviews yesterday. I think she was extremely compelling and lovely. She is not asking for his resignation or anything else. But it was part of humiliating her generally because she didn’t enjoy having his tongue stuck down her throat. And he has been very nasty to women and does have a history of that." 

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