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Crowd Chants ‘Nobel’ at Trump’s Campaign Style Rally

‘“He’s going to get us into nuclear war,” they said’
By Grabien Staff


CROWD: "I love you too."


TRUMP: "So we have to renegotiate these deals. If you look at China, last year with China, and look, he’s been a great help. President XI is a friend of mine, but he likes China. I like the usa. But he’s a friend of mine. But you know what? He’s been a great help on the border with North Korea and a lot of good things are happening there. A lot of good things. I’m not going to give you what’s going to actually happen because we don’t really know. But I will tell you one thing, we’re not playing games. And I remember, you know, it was very rough three, four months ago — that’s very nice, thank you. That’s very nice. I just want to get the job done. So if we would have —


TRUMP: "If we would have said where we are today from three or four months — months ago, do you remember what they were saying? He’s going to get us into nuclear war, they said. No, strength is going to keep us out of nuclear war, not going to get us in.

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