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Cuccinelli: ‘We Are Letting More People Become Citizens’ Under Trump Than in the Past

‘Last year, we were in the range of 850,000, and that was the most in five years’

PERINO: You basically did — says you were at a citizenship ceremony.

CUCCINELLI: Yes, several of them actually.

PERINO: I mean, just curious. When you see that, and it’s very motivating.

CUCCINELLI: It is. It’s very —


PERINO: Tell me a little bit more about that.

CUCCINELLI: Yes. First of all, for people who haven’t been to one, it’s worth going to. It is a very moving experience every time. These are people who have gone through our legal process, they’ve been legally present here for a number of years, at least five years, and gone through the tests and the interview and so forth, to become American citizens, and committed and probably the most extensive oath that anyone takes related to the federal government to their new country, and renouncing and abjuring all prior allegiance.

PERINO: How many people per year is America letting in right now?

CUCCINELLI: Well, last year, we were in the range of 850,000, and that was the most in five years. And this fiscal year, we will pass that. So, you know, people who come after the president and this administration say, you know, you don’t like immigrants. Well, we are letting more people become citizens than has happened in years. So —

PERINO: I don’t think people realize that, indeed.

CUCCINELLI: No, they don’t.

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