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Cuomo Apologies to Victims’ Families for Airing Trump’s 9/11 Attack Video: ‘I Don’t Mean to Revisit Your Nightmares’

‘That video should not be used in political hit ads’
By Grabien Staff


CUOMO: “So it's not as dismissive as it's being portrayed but is the ad fair? Now I want to bring in for a great debate Paul and Ken. I apologize to the families of the victims of 9/11 and people that were there that day. That video should not be used in political hit ads. I'm using it to make a point. I didn't make the ad. If I thought about it more I don't think I'd even play the ad. I apologize to you. I don't mean to revisit your I'm sorry if that's the effect it has. Now putting that to the side, Ken, fair or unfair?”

(Via Mediaite)

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