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Cuomo: Trump Does the Bare Minimum to Protect Americans from Covid Yet Sends Marshalls to Protect Racist Statues

‘He did it his own way, not the government way, says his campaign ad’
By Grabien Staff


CUOMO: “Welcome to “Primetime.” Too many of us are led by too many people who refuse to do the right thing. And now at least 30 states have surging Coronavirus cases. Here is the really scary part of the potential impact of the mismanagement. The CDC thinks there may be ten times as many of us sickened by Covid than what is actually reported. Think about that. It would mean that it could be 20 million of us not 2 million plus. And, yes, of course the president owns it. Why? He is Mr. Masks are weakness. He is Mr. Do the minimum to help states protect people. But he is sending marshals to protect statues that honor racist figures from our past. And no I’m not talking about Lincoln and Washington and Jefferson. And you know it. Find me another time, a president faced a problem like this, and chose to encourage people to do what would expose them to more risk. He did it his own way, not the government way, says his campaign ad. You know what? Something from Trump is finally telling you the truth. He did do it his own way. He ignored the danger. He held Rallies.”

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