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Dan Bongino Calls Chris Hahn a ‘Liar’ over Debate on Impeachment

‘Not even kidding, did he not read the transcript?’


BONGINO: “I wonder with Chris sometimes. Does he genuinely not know what he’s talking about or is he just lying? Not even kidding, did he not read the transcript? Chris can read. He’s not stupid. So with the transcript, which by the way, the whistle-blower himself as noted was a direct transcript. It has indicated and he expects all of us to buy it. He asked for a favor to investigate but you didn’t read the transcript. Stop humiliating yourself and you are lying. So the Ukrainian president he would like to buy some more present comic weapons from us. The president says I would like to do us a favor. And that is holding military aid over the Ukrainian head. I encourage everyone to read the transcript right now.”

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