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Dan Bongino: ‘Crystal Clear’ Fusion GPS, Clinton, DoJ, FBI Colluded to Spy on Trump

‘They are interested in fake collusion’
By Grabien Staff


BONGINO: "Rachel, yes, it is, but making it worse, the media is doubling down. It’s not just that they are not interested in collusion. What do you say they are not interested in collusion? They talk about it all the time. No they are not. They are interested in fake collusion. The X Files collusion. The alleged Russian collusion with the Trump team that nobody can prove happened after nearly two years of investigating, there was collusion here. It’s now crystal clear. It’s clear that the Fusion GPS team, the Clinton team, and entities within the intelligence community, justice, and the FBI, the Department of Justice clearly colluded to spy on the — on Donald Trump’s team. Remember, when you get a FISA warrant, Rachel, this is important to spy on someone, if I were to spy on you, they have what’s called the Two Hop Rule. Meaning, I not only get your stuff, I get who you email and someone else after that. I can get the whole network. That’s the problem."

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