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Dan Bongino on Dems Hoping for a Recession: ‘The Left Sucks,’ They’re ‘Really Awful’

‘And you want that because you don’t like the President?’
By Grabien Staff


BONGINO: “ It has more to do with our monetary policy. Even when it does invert, it usually forecasts a recession a year or two out. But having said that, the left sucks. Let me just say if the audience heard our conversation during the break, we should put that on foxnation. I am not talking about all Democrats. But the radical left is full of a lot of people who are really awful. We had Bill Maher who I think is on on the First Amendment. Bill Maher openly said we need a recession. Judge, as if that wouldn’t cause real dirt under the fingernails, pay checks. You know how many dentist appointments have to be canceled. And you want that because you don’t like the president? Look at any metric. If the left is interested in fact, I know most of of them aren’t, look at the gdp numbers and investment numbers. We have hot strength of the U.S. Dollar. None of the numbers back up the assertion that the Obama commission better than the Trump economy. If you are not interested in facts none of that matters. If you are, President Trump has been fantastic for the economy.”

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