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Dan Bongino: Romney Is a Sell-Out, a Fraud, a Fake

‘This is the kind of guy who is absolutely disseminated the Republican Party’
By Grabien Staff


BONGINO: “Because he is a sell-out. He is a fraud. He is a phony. He is a fake. This is the kind of guy who has absolutely decimated the Republican Party. You know, Brian, when there is a museum left to the remnant of the swamp GOP. And we’re all walking through this museum in 20 or 30 years when there used to be the GOP, exhibit 1 will be Mitt Romney followed closely by Jeff Flake. You know, Jeff Flake had to pass the baton of GOP sell-outs. And the race isn’t even over yet. Romney doesn’t even swear in, I believe, until Thursday. They couldn’t even wait to pass the baton. What’s even more disgraceful about this Romney op-ed — and, listen, I spoke positively about Mitt Romney for a very long time. We ran in the same election cycle. This is a disgusting move. This is the same guy who went up to Bedminster, Donald Trump gave him a chance even after Romney shellacked him, unnecessarily so. Trump gave him a chance. He gave him another chance having dinner with him in Manhattan, the President, that is, and interviewed him for jobs. And do you know what? He endorsed Romney, the president. You want to talk about character? You big phony fraud fake. You know what? You should have never taken that endorsement if this is how you felt. This guy is a disgrace. He's an embarrassment. I’m embarrassed for him, the people of Utah and anyone who supported this fraud. What a fake.”

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