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Dan Bongino to Schiff: Unless Can You Actually Produce Evidence of Collusion ‘You Are Embarrassing Yourself’

‘This is all nonsense’
By Grabien Staff


DOOCY: “They changed the narrative to the taxes. It's not really about collusion anymore, it’s all about the taxes."
BONGINO: "The problem is they have switched the narrative a couple times. It started with he is a traitor, then he was guilty of treasonous behavior, then he was guilty of collusion. When that fell apart they moved to object destruction. Now that obstruction isn’t working they will move on to some kind of financial collusion with the Trump tax returns. This is all nonsense. It’s just desperation. And I just wondering when people trying to be serious on the media other networks call are going to call them and check them and if you have evidence we are not putting you on again, Mr. Schiff, unless can you actually produce it you are embarrassing yourself, your audience and everyone else in Congress."

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