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Dan Bongino Slams ‘Weak’ Richard Burr: He’s a ‘Fake Republican,’ Committee’s Really Run by ‘Dr. Evil’ Mark Warner

‘I think they are afraid the I.G. report, it will look really ugly’
By Grabien Staff


BONGINO: “Don junior should tell them to go, they must the memo? Did they think it was a hoax? Did they miss the 440 pages of memo from Mueller himself? This collusion hoax was real, they would want anything. Here’s what’s really going on, judge Richard, the Republican chairman of the Senate committee has been called junior’s meek. He’s always been weak. He’s a fake Republican. That committee is really run by mark wonder. The Democrat. He keeps the cat in his lap. He runs that committee, they want don junior back to keep this hopes alive. I think they are afraid the ig report, it will look really ugly. Don junior has nothing else to say. He’s cooperated for the whole year, the collusion story is a hoax. Want to bring someone kids? Ring back Joe Biden screwed. Joe Biden’s kid.”

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