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Dan Crenshaw: Americans Should ‘Start Listening to Democrats’

‘We have to listen to what they are telling us’
By Grabien Staff


DOOCY: "When you go out, you know, whether it’s to Texas or out and about and talk to regular folks, what do they ask you regarding the election, what it’s all about this time, what people will be deciding upon and what is at stake?"
CRENSHAW: "I think a lot is at state, OK? And my suggestion to the American is start listening to the Democrats, we have to listen to what they are telling us; they talk about defunding the police, they talk about making excuses for violent mobs, let’s take them at their word; they want to destroy the things that bring us together, common bonds, founding, love of country. Why do they do that? Whey do they say those things? Because fundamentally they want to dismantle our country and its institutions -- that’s not my words, that’s their words, dismantle our economic freedom, our border security, our energy sector, all of it.”

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