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Dana Perino: Kamala Harris Has Enormous Power and Prestige, ‘and She Doesn’t Use Any of It’

‘And it drives me crazy’
By Grabien Staff


PERINO: “So, here’s this person who achieved an incredible accomplishment. She is the first woman vice president in our country. It's an amazing accomplishment. It comes with a lot of power and a lot of prestige and she doesn’t use any of it and it drives me crazy. I never — if I were in her position, I never would’ve let those three guys go down to Mexico without me. I would’ve said, actually, you could fly in Air Force Two with me and you can brief me along the way and then we'll walk in there together as a team and I will be the one that is speaking at the — take charge of it instead. It’s perfectly fine to talk about space with kids. It’s great, but if you think about the enormity of the power that she has and the capacity and the capabilities that should come with that office, and she's not utilizing it, it drives me nuts."

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