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David Crosby: Trump ‘Darker than Nixon,’ This Is a ‘Brand-New Level of Low’

‘Nixon was at least somewhat constrained by the norm’
By Grabien Staff


CUOMO: “So, let me use your life for a second for the benefit of the now. You lived through revolutionary times, and times of great tumult, so much of your music early on with the groups that you played with and what you created yourself were, if not anthems, they were relevant narratives of the time. And one of the things I was reading, you were saying we need a song now for our times. And I’ve been thinking that for so long. Compare now to then.”

CROSBY: “It’s darker now, I think, because the guy in charge is doing the wrong thing. He’s doing it on purpose. The — “

CUOMO: “Darker than Nixon?”

CROSBY: “Darker than Nixon. That’s really saying some stuff. I thought about it before I said it.”

(Via Mediaite)

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