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D.C. Delegate Norton Says No One Accused Her of Sending Zebras To Run Wild Through Maryland

‘I can understand why the charge was made’
By Grabien Staff


NORTON: "I value the consent of the the governed, and so, there shouldn’t be any charges against these zebras who wanted to get free. There should be any charges here in the District of Columbia, which is seeking consent of the governed with statehood for the District of Columbia. That's all we’re asking for, and we've gotten it passed twice. All of this entire release is a play on words, on statehood and on my most recent work on fences at the Capitol."

BALLASY: "Got it. So when that was spreading on social media, the images of the zebras throughout D.C., it was a way for you to get your message out on these key issues you've been working on for a long time."

NORTON: "Absolutely. (laughter) The zebras helped me do that."

(Via Just the News)

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