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De Blasio Blames Oil Companies for Hurricane Sandy: ‘Let’s Be Clear, That’s Where It Came From’

‘That was a tragedy wrought by the actions of the fossil fuel companies’
By Grabien Staff


HOST: "The city is suing the five biggest fossil fuel companies and plans to divest its pension funds from the industry. Our Grace Rauh tells us why."
[clip starts]
RAUH (voice-over): "Hurricane Sandy ravaged the city in 2012. Mayor de Blasio says oil industry to blame."
DE BLASIO: "This was a tragedy that was wrought by the actions of the fossil fuel companies. Let's be clear: That's where it came from."
RAUH: "Now he says they need to pay up. The city has sued the five biggest fossil fuel companies, arguing they owe New York billions of dollars in damages. Money, he says will be used to protect the city from future climate disasters. The mayor says oil companies intentionally misled the public about the links between their industry and climate change to protect their bottom lines."
DE BLASIO: "We're going after those who have profited — and what a horrible, disgusting way to profit — in a way that's put so many people's lives in danger."
RAUH: "The city is suing BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil, and Royal Dutch Shell."

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