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De Blasio Pitches ‘Bill of Rights’ Outlawing Firing Employees Without ‘Cause,’ Mandating Paid Vacation

‘Right now in America folks can get fired for no cause whatsoever’


DE BLASIO: “My proposal's really clear. And it's -- I call it a Bill of Rights on purpose. Because it's not just enough to give lip service to working people, we need to enshrine these rights. So for example, right now in America folks can get fired for no cause whatsoever. This legislation I’m proposing and what I would enact as president is that there has to be just cause for termination. There has to be due process. Right now in America, there’s no guarantee of time off, no matter how much you work. Every other industrialized country in the world guarantees paid vacation days, but this one -- my proposal is minimum two weeks paid vacation for every American worker, and we're going to put that into law in New York this year. This proposal is about protecting labor unions who have taken it on the chin for decades. The labor movement made this a great middle class country. We've got to reenshrine the rights of labor, the right to organize, the ability of working people to have their voices heard and not just let companies dictate the terms, and ensure that it’s easy to organize a union. These are kind of things we need. And by the way, what about the gig economy which is where more and more people are working? A lot of those workers have no rights; no minimum wage, no ability to take their benefits from job to job. My proposal, this Bill of Rights enshrines specific rights for folks in the gig economy, to give them the kind of security right now they don’t have. I believe this is the right thing to do morally, but I also believe that this is the platform of the Democratic Party. You’re going to see a lot of people come back to the Democratic Party. A lot of people care about voting because this is actually about their lives.”

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