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De Blasio Says He Wants To Require Children Ages 5-11 Show Proof of COVID Vaccine to Access Businesses

‘We know it will take a while’


DE BLASIO: "That's a very good question and honestly, one we need to focus on now. We want to get to the day where we actually could vaccinate the youngest New Yorkers and get that rolling. We know it'll take a while. Right now, to use the example of the 12 to 17-year-olds, very good news, we're almost at 79 percent of them, that's fantastic, but it did take a while. So it's a great question, Elizabeth, it's the one I don't think we're going to settle immediately because it will naturally take a number of weeks for that age group to get vaccinated. But it's the question we need to answer for the weeks ahead and we'll come back on that."   

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