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De Blasio: Teddy Roosevelt Statue ‘Clearly Presents a White Man as Superior to People of Color’

‘And that’s just not acceptable in this day and age, and it never should’ve been acceptable’


DE BLASIO: "Yeah, I have looked at it, Rich, and I think Roosevelt himself is another one of these complex figures in American history. He did some extraordinarily progressive things that we feel to this day, and he did some things that I think are deeply troubling. But I think — there's a separate question between him, the person, and the actual statue. The statue has representations that clearly do not represent today's values. The statue clearly, you know, presents a white man as superior to people of color. And that's just not acceptable in this day and age, and never should have been acceptable. So, I know the museum feels it's best to take it down. I support that decision. I think they felt that's what was right for them as a museum, and I understand why they're doing it and I respect it." 

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