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Debate Word Count: ‘Trump,’ Proposals for ‘Free’ Handouts Dominate

The president and climate change came up more than any other topic

President Trump was the dominant topic in the final Democratic primary debate, coming up more than 60 times over the course of the two hour debate. 

Other topics receiving frequent attention were proposals for “free” government services and “climate change.”

Below are keyword stats from an uncorrected transcript of the two-hour debate.  

“Freedom” — 0

“Liberty” — 0

“Impeach” — 7

“Free” — 12

“Universal” — 7

“Climate” — 36

“Trump” — 66

Pete Buttigieg, for example, proposed bringing child-care costs down to “nothing” for anyone currently living in poverty. “It makes no sense for child care to cost two-thirds of somebody’s income,” he said. “We have to drive it to 7% or below. And zero for the families who are living in poverty.”

Sen. Warren claimed making college tuition free and creating a “universal child-care” program would actually bring down the national debt.

Sen. Sanders, asked about how his “free” universal health care plan will double the federal budget, ducked: “The plan wouldn’t bankrupt the country it would much improve the well being of working class families in the middle class. Let us be clear what Medicare for all does, it ends all premiums. All copayments. The absurdity of the deductibles.”


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