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Del Percio: Trump ‘Is Fundamentally Starting To Destroy Our Country’

‘This president is fundamentally starting to destroy our country’
By Grabien Staff


BRZEZINSKI: "But, you know, I want to go to something earlier you said about Jim Carville saying, 'Oh, look at the bird, look at the bird,' the distraction. But he never tore down the pillars of our society, of our country —" 
BRZEZINSKI: "True, good point." 
DEL PERCIO: " — the way that this president is. He didn’t attack the F.B.I. He didn’t attack journalists." 
BRZEZINSKI: "He was better at it." 
DEL PERCIO: "At least it was a distraction, it was an honest distraction. It wasn’t fundamentally trying to discredit our media, our justice system for personal gain and that I think is just a broader conversation that is really important right now because this president is fundamentally starting to destroy our country."

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