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Dem Rep. Admits Impeachment Vote Delayed Because It Was Too Late for a TV Audience to Watch

‘The American people deserve to see it, it ought to take place in the light of day’
By Grabien Staff


DEUTCH: "We went into the day thinking we were going to vote yesterday also, but the Republican — my Republican colleagues offered amendment after amendment and it was clear that this was going to go well into the night, and this is the most consequential vote that most members of Congress will ever cast. The American people deserve to see it. It ought to take place in the light of day. And what we heard over and over is that there should be no rush. Well, this is the most important thing we’re going to do in the committee. Of course we shouldn’t rush it. So we decided to go home, take a break and come back and actually have this vote today after everyone has had an opportunity to think about what they heard over the past two days about the President’s abuse of power and then his obstruction of Congress that led us to this moment to begin with."

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