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Dem Rep. Cuellar on Border Crisis: Nothing Has Changed Since VP Harris’ Trip to Latin America

‘We’ve been providing assistance to central America since 2014’
By Grabien Staff


HILL: "So clearly something's lost in the messaging there. You and I have actually talked about this since that in terms of the messaging. This is -- requires more than just the U.S. -- you point out these tens of thousands of Haitian migrants that are -- that we know about in Latin America, possibly making their way north, hoping to get to the border between Mexico and the U.S.. In the wake of Vice President Harris’ trip to Latin America, what do you think the impact has been? Has anything changed?"
CUELLAR: "With all due respect, no. Look, you know, we’ve been providing assistance to Central America since 2014. I was involved with a ranger and then at that time Vice President Joe Biden to provide the first $750 million to the Central American countries. I think since then it’s been over $3.5 million -- billion that we have appropriated. And -- and again, it’s -- it's the assistance, but we’ve got to work with the private sector to create jobs down there in Central America.” 

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