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Dem Rep. Cuellar: People from All over the World Exploit Biden’s Border Agenda to Cross the Border

‘All they have to do is bring a child and they’re going to be released into the United States’
By Grabien Staff


CUELLAR: “Why not have immigration judges here at the border? Why not give everybody the day in court? Look, everybody talks about people coming in but if you have 100 people, most immigration judges are going to deny 88 percent of them and only 12 percent. So why are we letting 100 percent of the people in when only 12 percent should be getting -- [speaks Spanish] -- into the United States. Or whatever language, because as you know, there's over 150 countries that are represented by people coming in, and there's an increase of people from Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti, Africa, and other places, because they're realizing at the southern part of the United States, whether it's land or sea, as -- as your story gave a few minutes ago, all they have to do is bring a child and they're going to be released into the United States. What a deal for them!”

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