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Dem Rep. Gregory Meeks on Bill Clinton’s Impeachment In 1998: ‘Indeed It Is a Political Lynching’

‘What we are doing here is not a prosecution, it is a persecution’
By Grabien Staff


MEEKS: “The inequities in the impeachment process have been glaring. The Republicans started with Whitewater, they found nothing. Ken Starr then went to Travelgate. He found nothing. He looked at Filegate. He never released documents, in fact, he made no effort to publicly admit to the lack of evidence against the President. Instead, he developed relationships with the Jones' legal team and withheld information from the Justice Department rather than disclosing the bias, his bias to the proper parties. What we are doing, what we're doing here is not a prosecution, it's a persecution. And indeed, it is a political lynching. The Republicans have had no agenda for over a year, and with this act today, they are signaling that they have no agenda for the future, rather than working together in a bipartisan manner on issues — the people want censure and move on."

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