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Dem Rep. Juan Vargas: ‘Absolute Nonsense’ There’s a Crisis on the Border; ‘It’s Basically Paradise’ in San Diego

‘It’s one of the safest places in the country’


LEMON: "So the president claimed that law enforcement had requested some $5.7 billion for the wall. He also claimed -- claimed that Democrats requested it to be a steel barrier instead of a concrete wall. Is that true?"
VARGAS: "No, it’s not true at all. In fact, it’s interesting listening to all the rhetoric. I live along the border, about a little over ten miles from the border. It’s San Diego. I mean, it’s basically paradise. It’s one of the safest places in the country. And the notion that we have a crisis there, a security crisis, is absolute nonsense. We do have a crisis of sewage, I can tell you that, for a fact. I mean, if they want to invest a lot of money, $5.7 billion, let’s fix all the sewage issues. Let’s fix all the environmental issues. But the notion that somehow we’re insecure — I mean, I have two daughters, I have a wife, you know, I come to D.C., I flew from San Diego today. I can tell you, they are safe. They are safe in San Diego, much safer than they would be here in D.C."

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