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‘Democracy for America’ CEO Yvette Simpson: ‘I Think the Tide Is Turning on Inflation Being a Major Issue for Folks’

‘The threat to democracy is actually more of a concern than cost of living for people right now’
By Grabien Staff


SIMPSON: “I think that’s right. I think the tide is turning on inflation being a major issue for folks we saw a whole not long ago. That said, the threat to democracy is actually more of a concern that cost of living for people right now. So that’s a whole nother idea that we need to be pushing as we go into the election against Republicans, but certainly this choice issue has been mode evading not just for Democrats, independents and Republicans, particularly women, and those who support women’s choice. So, I think, is the most galvanizing issue. I know that Biden wants to do a victory lap around the I re, but unfortunately, those those provisions are way too far off a way to have twos, unfortunately, for people to be able to wrap their heads around right now,. I think the better issue is it’s very prevalent issue of choice, particularly when we think about the very extreme proposals that we’re already starting to see in states across the country, especially in Republican, run states.”

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