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Dennis Prager: ‘The Left Wants to Tear Down Western Civilization’

‘It is a pursuit of chaos’
By Grabien Staff


WATTERS: “None of these groups were having good. All of this is more than just their political correctness. This is an attack only western civilization. From the Greek and row mane empires to the D to the Greek and Roman empires leading to the great American experiment, western writers and explorers have contributed so much to human development, not just in the west but all over the gold. Lifting people out of poverty and tyranny and basic human rights embedded in natural law that’s of us now take for granted. We should be able to include new and diverse thinkers and ideas into western ziflization. Western — of western civilization. Why are they seeking to destroy civilization rather than build upon it. Joining me now is Dennis Prager. What do you think the motivation for all this is?”

PRAGER: “That’s the hardest question I have had to wrestle with. I have known and written and said all of my life that the left wants to tear down western civilization. This is not new. Jesse Jackson and Stanford students demonstrated 30 years ago, hey hey ho ho, western CIV has got to go. Why one wishes to tear down the greatest achievement of humanity. With human rights, women’s rights, gay rights, democracy representative government, independent judiciary. Unequaled art and music. And none of this has to do with color. None of it. In Japan which is having probably the greatest number of people proportionately listening to balk and beethoven, they don’t care that they were white. They care that they wrote the greatest music. Japanese don’t believe the music is the same. This is the greatest music ever written. No longer does music need or tonality. If it’s white supremacy what do they teach in Julian schools. Is there one school in Africa that does not teach there is only one right answer in math? Of course not. Because they have a higher rawrd — a higher regard for blacks in Africa than they do in the United States. I can’t think of a more obvious statement of racial statement of Riggs prejudice. Jesse: It might even be more sinister than we realize if it’s to make a whole generation of younger people less intelligent so they can be taken advantage of by corporations or the political power structure. Or it could be psychological. They could feel insecure about their lack of achievement and decide to take it out on western civilization and build it up in a system where they could achieve more. I hated Shakespeare, but I didn’t say Shakespeare was misogynistic. We’ll continue to dive into the root cause of why they are trying to uproot the pillars of —”

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