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Rodman Cries Talking About Visit to N. Korea: ‘Obama Did Not Give Me The Time Of Day’

‘When I went back home, I got so many death threats’
By Grabien Staff


CUOMO: "Dennis, did Kim reach out to you or his people reach out to you for insight into the other side?"
RODMAN: "Well, you know, I have talked to those guys for the last five years."
CUOMO: "Which guys?"
RODMAN: "I talked to Kim Jong-un and administration over there five years ago and he asked me five years ago. We sat down for lunch. And he said, hey, Dennis, I would like to ask you three things, if you tell the president of the United States these three things, that I would be willing to talk to him. And this is a true story and I have my people who heard the conversation. Things like if they could move the ships back from South Korea, I would do what I have to do to listen. If you can do certain things, I would listen, my ears would be open. And I tried to do that with Obama. And Obama did not give me the time of day. I asked him, I said I have something to say from north Korea and he brushed me off. And that didn't deter me. I still kept going back. Kept going back. I showed my loyalty and my trust to this country. I said to everybody, the door will say it."
CUOMO: "I remember you saying it. Let me ask you something, does Kim understand English?"
RODMAN: "It is amazing, it is amazing, when you said though damn things, when I went back home, I got so many death threats. I got so many death threats. I was protecting everything. And I believe North Korea and when I came home, I couldn't even go home. I couldn't even go home. I had to hide out for 30 days. I couldn't even go home. But I kept my head up high, brother. I knew things were going to change. I knew it. I was the only one. I never had no one to hear me. No one to see me. But I took those bullets, I took all of that. Everybody came at me and I am still standing. And today is a great day for everybody, Singapore, China, a great day."
CUOMO: "It is a historic day."
RODMAN: "I'm so happy."

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