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DeSantis: If the DoJ Isn’t Pursuing BLM Rioters, as President, I’m Bringing the A.G. In

‘This is serious stuff’
By Grabien Staff


DeSANTIS: "So I am not going to say to the Justice Department, 'You know, that Howie Kurtz guy, go find...' — no, that’s not appropriate. But if they are not pursuing, like, BLM rioters, I have every right to bring the attorney general in and say, 'You need to get on this stuff. This is serious stuff.' If you have the FBI that’s, you know, pursuing parents at school board meetings, you have every right to say, 'Fire those agents who did that.' So we’re going to hold them accountable. We’re not going to use it, you know, to go after people for no reason, but we are going to set the priorities that they’re going to do. And for my priorities, it’s not going to be ticky-tack political stuff, it’s going to be the things that really matter to keep this country safe."

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