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DeSantis: Mutilation of Minors Is Wrong, a Physician that Does Those Procedures Will Lose License in Fla.

‘We think that that is wrong’
By Grabien Staff


DESANTIS: “You have a movement amongst, I would say rogue elements of the medical establishment to do things that is basically the mutilation of minors. I mean, they're trying to do sex change operations on minors, giving them things like puberty blockers and doing things that are irreversible to them. And that is not based on science. That is not based on evidence. In fact you have had countries that have tried to do this in Europe, and they recognized this was very harmful. And so now they don't do it -- places like Sweden. And yet here in the United States, you have a very, I would say ideologically charged small group of folks within medicine that are really pushing these types of procedures on minors. We think that that is wrong. In Florida last year, we took action so that no physician that does those procedures are going to be able to keep their medical license. So that's gone if you do this, which is great." (Applause)


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