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DeSantis on Trump Calling Him ‘DeSanctimonious’: ‘I’m Quite Confident’ He Can’t Spell That Word

‘I don’t even know what that means, quite frankly, but it’s fine’
By Grabien Staff


DeSANTIS: "Well, first, when you’re in this thicket, look to Ephesians, Chapter 6. You want to exercise leadership in face of this type of fire, put on the full armor of God. That’s what you need to do to stand strong and to do what’s right. And when you do that, none of this stuff ends up being effective. It’s only effective if we stoop to that level. You know, you don’t see me indulging in that. When I’m called — I don’t even know what that name means, quite frankly, but it’s fine. Quite frankly, I’m quite confident the former president couldn’t spell it if he was put to the test."

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