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Detroit PD Chief Craig Rips Rep. Tlaib’s ‘Reckless’ Anti-Police Rhetoric: ‘She Is Doing It as a Self-Serving Approach’

‘Her comments were reckless and don’t represent the people who live in our city’
By Grabien Staff


CRAIG: “You know, I got to tell you and I've said it so many times. Her comments were reckless and it really don’t represent the people who live in our city. When you talk about vulnerable communities, they want effective and constitutional policing. So who is she speaking for? They are reckless and she is doing it as a self-serving approach and it doesn’t work. You know, I've got to tell you this whole qualified immunity that's being paddled out right now, I don't think many people understand how dangerous that is. That is not just dismantling, that’s eliminating police altogether.”

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