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Dick Cheney on Bush 41: ‘He Just Was One of the Most Thoughtful People I Ever Knew’

‘He had an amazing ability for the personal touch’
By Grabien Staff


GUTHRIE: "Some people say it’s the end of an era in some ways. What singular quality do you think he possessed?"
CHENEY: "He had an amazing ability sort of for the personal touch. You might get a note from him on something you’ve done. I remember, 2004 election night, we’re upstairs at the residence at the White House. And this is when President Bush 43 and I were running for re-election. And Lynne and I were there with the Bushes, it was the big crowd. But we had our granddaughter there, she was about 7 years old at the time. And the president walked over to her and said, 'You’re the youngest person here, I’m the oldest, let’s chat.' And sat down and spent a long time talking with the youngest person in the room. She’s never forgotten about it. She’s got a picture and everything else. But he had that people touch, I guess, if you want to put it that way, that where there was no gesture that was too small or insignificant in terms of what he was willing to do to make people feel comfortable, to help when he could help. He was just one of the most thoughtful people I ever knew."

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