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Dick Durbin: Obama Had 8 Years Without a Major Scandal

‘Every presidency does’
By Grabien Staff

CHUCK TODD: What concerns you more, that there’s an unelected cabal or the reports that come out from these anonymous sources. I mean, doesn’t the President deserve to have a staff that doesn’t, not just disparage him this way at times, but stops him from actually doing the job that he believes he was elected to do?

SEN. DICK DURBIN: Well, of course. But you have to ask yourself, “What kind of circumstances in the White House would even give rise to this possibility?” Under President Obama, eight years without an indictment, eight years without a major scandal. You know, they had their problems. Every presidency does. But nothing that went to the heart of the question about whether we have a dysfunctional White House. And if we do, it’s inescapable that the President bears responsibility. He’s the one who gathered this team. He’s the one who tries to keep them together, and yet there is genuine fear, obviously, among some of them that his behavior is going to result in some terrible things for America.

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