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DNC Master Plan for Dominating 2020: ‘Walk and Chew Gum’ [Supercut]

‘Democrats can walk and chew gum’

If Americans start basing their political preferences on which candidates can “walk and chew gum,” Democrats are absolutely set for 2020. 

At least that’s the thinking of the guy orchestrating their gameplan, DNC Chairman Tom Perez.

If there’s one thing Perez wants Americans to know about Democrats, it’s that they can “walk and chew gum.”

Appearing recently on MSNBC, Perez said Democrats will continue challenging Trump on foreign policy, and that this wouldn’t be a distraction from their policy agenda.

“He’s putting our national security at risk,” Perez said of the temporary withholding of aid to Ukraine. “He is abusing the authority of the office and we must as Democrats walk and chew gum and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

For fans of walking and/or chewing gum, Perez was just getting started. On “Politics Nation” last night with Al Sharpton, Perez boasted three times in a mere 14 seconds of Democrats’ walking/gum-chewing abilities. 

Addressing how a prolonged Senate impeachment trial could impact Democrats running for president, Perez reassured: “Democrats can walk and chew gum. The senators who are running for president are incredibly qualified. They understand that they have to dispense their duties in the Senate. And they have very robust operations out in Iowa. Frankly, the American people walk and chew gum and all of our candidates can walk and chew gum.”

But wait, there’s more!  

When Democrats filed a lawsuit against Russia over its meddling in the 2016 election, Tom Perez told “Meet the Press” that this wasn’t a distraction: “We know how to walk and chew gum.”

When, after the 2018 midterm elections, exit polls revealed Americans care more about pocketbook issues than the Mueller probe, Tom Perez said this was no problem, and you can probably guess why: “Democrats can walk and chew gum.”

And that’s just taste. For more, check out our supercut above. 

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