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DoJ Whistleblower Admits to Seeking Job with Democrats on Trump Impeachment

‘I leave my politics at home’
By Grabien Staff

COLLINS: “And the investigation which has never been done and finished needs to continue, so that the right can be done for all parties, as we’ve been speaking about prosecutorial —“

UNKNOWN: “Will the gentleman yield?”

COLLINS: “No, I will not. You are considering — Mr. Elias, you consider yourself to be non-political career staff. That was your statement, correct?”

ELIAS: “When I go into the Justice Department every day, as a career employee, I leave my politics at home, yes.”

COLLINS: “Okay. And that was the same as Mr. Linsky, Mr. Strzok, Ms. Page, others have done that. Let me ask you a question. As career staff being nonpolitical, did you ever attempt to get detail of this committee’s majority staff?”

ELIAS: “I, like people over time —“

COLLINS: “Yes or no?”

ELIAS: “ — have explored various career options.”

COLLINS: “Did you within the last — under this majority ask to be detailed to this majority’s staff?”

ELIAS: “I had a very preliminary conversation with the —“
COLLINS: “So you did have a conversation. Was it to work on antitrust policy?”
ELIAS: “It was, yes.”

COLLINS: “Okay. And as we have all sworn under oath, did you not ask to be detailed to committee’s work on oversight during impeachment? Is that not correct? Refresh your memory.”

ELIAS: “I may have also asked for oversight at one point, with the blessing of assistant attorney general, yeah.”

COLLINS: “Okay. So you asked to come to this committee as a career staffer, nonpolitical career staffer. You’re asking to be detailed on this committee to work on impeachment, you wanted to come work for the majority during the impeachment of Donald Trump. Is that not correct? I understand how that answer would be troubling, so if you want to just stop right there, you have answered it.”

ELIAS: “I actually think — I think it was a year prior. I honestly think it was —“

COLLINS: “But the detail of this majority, we were the majority beforehand. This was to the majority.”

ELIAS: “It was early 2019.”

COLLINS: “Okay. That’s the majority of this staff here and we were starting every investigation known to man at that point. In fact, they’ve hired very good attorneys out in New York, I’ve become friends with them. But you have asked to come to this committee. So, again, a little bit of the career staff. Let’s just leave it there. Let’s go to your actual testimony today.”

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