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Domenech: Other Nations Are Laughing at Us For Embracing Critical Race Theory

‘Hispanic-Americans in particular are reacting to this... ‘
By Grabien Staff


DOMENECH: "And Trace, the other nations around the world are laughing at us when it comes to this. You saw what happened when China met with the Biden officials in Alaska and were downgrading their ability to have any moral authority because of America’s policing policy. Other nations around the world are laughing at America’s embrace of this woke religion that is critical race theory, which, if you look at the polls — and I’m sure that Kristen can speak to this — appeals primarily to white left-of-center Democrats as opposed to actually solving any problems for ethnically diverse Americans. You know, Hispanic Americans in particular are reacting to this politically. The stretch of critical race theory into these public schools is something that they do not view as being in any way in favor of trying to teach their students the skills they need in order to succeed in the marketplace, which is the American dream, it's still the American dream, and it's not racist to say that."  

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