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Don Lemon: Joe Biden Is More Popular than Trump Will Ever Be

‘Biden has tallied up more than 77 million votes’
By Grabien Staff


LEMON: “Joe Biden has widened his lead over Trump in the popular vote by more than 5 million ballots in the popular vote. He is way more popular than Trump has ever been or will ever be. Biden has tallied up more than 77 million votes. That’s more than any presidential candidate in American history. Can you imagine how the man who is obsessed with ratings and numbers, how that feels? He’s no longer the best. He’s not at the top. He doesn’t have the biggest numbers. 5 million more popular votes in this country where people don’t even vote in the numbers they're supposed to. 5 million more people showed up in a pandemic and voted for Joe Biden. Not Donald Trump. Joe Biden is already projected to be the winner in more than enough states for an Electoral College victory and leads in enough states to equal the President's 2016 electoral vote margin, which he has spent the last four years calling a landslide. That's his words, so now his words are coming back. So Joe Biden wins by close to the number that Trump won by in ‘16. According to Donald Trump, it is a landslide. How does that feel?”

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