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Donna Brazile: ‘I Was Under Tremendous Pressure After Secretary Clinton Fainted To Have a “Plan B”’

By Grabien Staff

Donna Brazile is confirming that Hillary Clinton's ill health was a real concern during the 2016 campaign.

Her condition was so uncertain that the party began plotting a "Plan B," Brazile confirmed Sunday.

Brazile's leading option was replacing Clinton with a Biden/Booker ticket, but she ultimately opted against it. 

During the campaign, Clinton dismissed suggestions she was hiding the true state of her health as conspiracy theories. 

But in an interview Sunday with George Stephanopoulos, Brazile said the party was actively considering alternative options after Clinton fainted on 9/11. 

Here's a transcript:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let’s get some facts on the table first. As DNC chair, you didn’t have the power on your own to replace Hillary on the ticket?

BRAZILE: No. But as you well know, the charter of the DNC as well as the convention rules say that the chairperson, shall, in consultation with the leadership in congress and others, and so I had to put in on the the table, George, because I was under tremendous pressure after Secretary Clinton fainted to have a quote, unquote, plan B.

I didn’t want a plan B. Plan A was great for me. I supported Hillary and I wanted her to win. But we were under pressure.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So how serious was this? You write that you got a call from Vice President Biden at the time. Did you mention this to the vice president?

BRAZILE: No, I did not. I mean, look, everybody was called in to see, do you know anything? How is she doing? And of course my job at the time, George, was to reassure people, not just the vice president, but also reassure the Democratic Party, the members of party, that Hillary was doing fine and that she would resume her campaign the following week.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you still think that Biden and Booker would have won?

BRAZILE: Well, you know, I had a lot of other combinations. This was something you play out in your mind. But at the time, I was sitting next to Charlie Baker, who was her chief...

STEPHANOPOULOS: Clinton’s campaign.

BRAZILE: That’s right. And Charlie and I put down — we had a lot of rumors coming — I had the former chair of the DNC call me, Donald Fowler Jr. — I mean Senior — what are you doing?

Look, the bottom line is she — she resumed campaigning. I went on TV to say that the campaign was back on track.

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