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Donny Deutsch Pans Trump’s Speech: I Have Never Seen a Lower Energy Level from Him

‘I felt like he was almost going to fall asleep at some point’
By Grabien Staff


DEUTSCH: “Yeah, I think the content, you have to give very strongly to your point. I thought the complete rebranding of America first, like, 'Hey I’m just doing my job just like I was a CEO, it's my company first. Not at the expense of your company. You put your company first. We all do that together, we all win.' So I kind of think there was a little return of that. I also felt like I was watching, 'Come to New Jersey, bring your ads here,' showing the bottling plants and parks and everything like that. I was kind of struck more by actually his delivery. I have never seen a lower energy level from him where being a content was a victory lap. It was almost — I felt like he was almost going to fall asleep at some point. I was struck by the lack of verve and I’ve never seen him at a more lower level of energy. So, content I’d give him a solid A-, style points I’d give him a D.” 

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