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Doug Collins: Whitaker Hearing ‘Is Nothing More than Character Assassination’

‘It has nothing to do with the oversight of the DoJ‘


COLLINS: “We now have the reason for this hearing. It has nothing to do with the oversight of DoJ. It has everything to do, as we found out this morning in a document dump from the Democratic side of this committee and also another committee, that this is nothing more than a character assassination and we’re going to also decide to see if we can just do something and get at the President while we have the chance. Yesterday — I want to tell you a story. My kids are now grown. They’re 26 and down to 20, and I used to always love the Easter season and time of especially hide and seek and going to find, you know, eggs. And that look on their face when they found that last egg they were looking for and just that look of surprise, and yesterday was that for me again. I was back being a father again because yesterday was nothing but pure political theater. It was wonderful! It was a a time for hide and seek.” 

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