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Doug Jones: The Fact That the Discovery of Classified Biden Docs Wasn’t Disclosed Earlier ‘Was Just a Judgment Call’

‘I have no problem with the fact that they didn’t disclose earlier’
By Grabien Staff


JONES: "I think that that’s just a judgment call. I don’t think they should have disclosed it the minute that this happened -- for the very reason we’re having to talk about it now. It should not be a political issue. The media and folks that talk about it, Republicans, would make it a distraction and a media issue. They needed to cooperate with the Archives and the Department of Justice and follow their lead, and that’s exactly what they did. You know, anytime, Kaitlan, that you have an intersection between politics and the law, it’s difficult to juggle those, especially when one of the parties is the President of the United States. And I understand the need for transparency, but there’s also the ability of trying to work and make sure that those that you are cooperating with, that are retrieving these documents, understand that you are going to fully cooperate and work with them. And that’s what they did. I have no problem with the fact that they didn’t disclose earlier."

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