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Dowd: Trump ‘Shutting Down’ 1st Amendment in Calling on Conservative Journalists

‘This is two democracies, two important democracies in the world and basically the President of the United States is shutting down part of the First Amendment’
By Grabien Staff

Matthew Dowd: Trump ‘Shutting Down Part of the 1st Amendment’ by Not Taking Antagonistic Questions (Mediaite)

Following today’s presidential press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ABC News chief political analyst Matthew Dowd took note of the outlets that President Trump has called on today and in his past few press conferences.

Today Trump called on Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody and Townhall editor Katie Pavlich, which kicked off more criticism of the White House for their choice of outlets to call on at these press conferences.

Dowd added this afternoon that Trump is “shutting down part of the First Amendment by not taking questions that are going to be any way antagonistic in this.”

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