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Dr. Fauci Calls Great Barrington Declaration ‘Ridiculous’ and ‘Total Nonsense’

‘The history has shown that is not the case’
By Grabien Staff


FAUCI: “If you just let things rip and let the infection go, no masks, crowd, it doesn’t make any difference, that, quite frankly, George, is ridiculous because what that will do is that there will be so many people in the community that you can’t shelter, that you can’t protect who are going to get sick and get serious consequences. So this idea that we have the power to protect the vulnerable is total nonsense because history has shown that that’s not the case. And -- and if you talk to anybody who has any experience in epidemiology and infectious diseases, they will tell you that that is risky and you’ll wind up with many more infections of vulnerable people which will lead to hospitalizations and deaths. So I think that we just got to look that square in the eye and say it’s nonsense.”

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