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Dr. Fauci: ‘I Hope’ Voters Will Be Able to Physically Go to the Polls in November

‘I can’t guarantee it’
By Grabien Staff


TAPPER: “Do you think it will be safe in November for voters to physically go to vote at the polls?”

FAUCI: “I hope so, Jake. I can’t guarantee it. I believe if we have a good, measured way of rolling into this steps towards normality, that we hope by the time we get to November that we’ll be able to do it in a way which is the standard way. However, and I don’t want to be the pessimistic person, there is always the possibility, as we get into next fall and the beginning of early winter, that we could see a rebound. And hopefully, hopefully, what we’ve gone through now, and the capability that we have, for much, much better testing capability, much, much berse surveillance capability, and the ability to respond with countermeasures, with drugs that work, that it will be an entirely different ball game. So number one, I hope we don’t have a rebound that would make this very difficult as we get into November. But if we do, and there certainly is a possibility, I’m a realist, it certainly is a possibility, hopefully we’ll be able to respond to that rebound in a much more effective way than what we see now in January, February, March.”

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