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Dr. Francis Collins on Coronavirus Vaccine: Nothing Will Get Pushed Through Unless It Meets the Highest Standards

‘Probably the highest standards that ever have been applied for a vaccine’
By Grabien Staff


COLLINS: “Exactly. We’re talking about giving a vaccine to currently healthy people. You should have a very low tolerance, therefore, for anything that’s a serious side effect. Okay. If somebody has a sore arm. We can probably work with that. Somebody gets a temporary, low-grade fever, we can work with that. But nothing more serious than that would be appropriate for a vaccine that you are talking about giving to hundreds of millions of people. Which is why you do these very large-scale tests, trials, to find out is it safe? And does it work? And I just want to reassure everybody who is listening. We are not going to make sure shortcuts in that assessment of safety afficacy. This is in a place where there are multiple, different layers of oversight of this. To make sure that nothing gets pushed through, unless it meets the highest standards, probably the highest standards that ever have been applied for a vaccine, are going to be applied in this situation.”

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