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Dr. Leana Wen: ‘We Need to Reset Our Expectations’; We’ll Live with Covid for the Foreseeable Future

‘But that doesn’t mean that we need to be in a state of emergency around Covid-19’
By Grabien Staff


WEN: “We need to reset our expectations here in the U.S. We need to recognize that we will be living with Covid-19 for the foreseeable future. We don’t need to be in a state of emergency. We need to live with it so it is not driving every decision of school and work and travel and social activities. That’s why testing is so important. In the united kingdom, every family is able to be tested twice a week free of charge if they wish. In many countries, children are able to be tested before they go to school and employees before they go to work. We need to change that expectation here in the U.S. as well.”

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